How To Support a Prisoner

Sometimes people make mistakes and have to serve some time in prison as a result. No one wants their loved ones to go to jail, but it is an unfortunate reality for many people. If you have a friend or family member who has been convicted of a crime and must serve time in prison, here are three practical ways you can show your support without condoning the bad behavior that led to the arrest.

Schedule Regular Visits

When your loved ones are in jail, you have the option to contact Washington County bail bonds to post bail so your friend or family member can be free until a verdict is reached during his or her trial. Once your loved one has been sentenced to prison, however, he or she will have limited contact with the outside world. Scheduling frequent visits when allowed can help your friend or family member stay connected while serving his or her sentence.

Accept Phone Calls

Occasionally, your loved one may be allowed to make phone calls. You will have to agree to a certain charge to accept the call, but just hearing a friendly voice often does wonders for a prisoner’s mindset.

Donate to a Commissary Account

Inmates don’t have access to a lot of money but they may want to make small purchases from the prison commissary. You can send money to your loved one’s account so he or she can afford a few convenient items such as soap and shaving cream.

Supporting a loved one in prison is difficult because you want to show compassion without condoning the behavior. However, there are a few practical ways you can help ease the burden of the punishment without encouraging illegal activity. Try using these three habits to make your loved one’s life in prison a little easier.…