5 Common Traffic Violations and How to Fight Them in Court

Traffic Violations Can Have Serious Consequences | Deutchman & Drews LLC

Whether you’re getting pulled over for a speeding ticket or simply driving through a red light camera zone, many common traffic violations are issued each year.

While many people are tempted to plead guilty and mail the fine, several strategies may help you fight these types of tickets in court.


Speeding is one of the most common traffic violations Lynnfield MA, and it can cost you a lot of money in fines and insurance increases. In addition, speeding is a primary contributing factor to automobile accidents.

There are a few ways to fight your speeding ticket in court.

First, you need to understand your specific state’s laws well. Most states have absolute and presumed speed limits, but many also allow a defense based on certain circumstances.

Another method is to convince the judge that the officer’s radar gun or other equipment wasn’t calibrated within a reasonable amount of time. This could be based on a video of your dashcam or something else.

Failure to Stop at a Stop Sign

Stop signs and traffic signals help control traffic flow through intersections and along streets by requiring drivers to come to a full stop. Failing to do so can result in fines, points on your license, increased motor vehicle insurance costs and even jail time.

Rolling through a stop sign is also dangerous for other motorists, bikers and pedestrians. They rely on you to stop to cross the street safely, so failing to do so can make them more likely to hit your vehicle.

If you are convicted of rolling through a stop sign, you can fight it in court by challenging the credibility of the police officer who issued your ticket. This can be accomplished by demonstrating that the officer was either out of position to notice the infraction or needed a better view.

Failure to Use Your Turn Signal

When drivers fail to use their turn signals, it’s a problem that can put other drivers at risk. This can be particularly true when a driver suddenly turns or changes lanes without alerting other drivers.

The Society of Automotive Engineers estimates that failure to signal causes nearly two million accidents in the United States annually.

If you are caught driving in a parking lot or on the highway without using your turn signal, you could be responsible for causing a crash.

In addition, if you are ticketed for failing to signal, your auto insurance rates can increase. You can avoid these consequences by fighting the ticket in court with an experienced traffic lawyer.

Driving Too Closely Behind Another Vehicle

One of the most dangerous traffic violations is driving too close behind another vehicle. Tailgating is the most common cause of rear-end collisions and can happen to anyone on the road.

Drivers can reduce their crash risk by following the Three-Second Rule whenever possible. This simple rule states that drivers should leave three seconds between their car and the one in front.

However, more than the Three-Second Rule may be needed when a vehicle in front of you suddenly stops or loses control. This can be due to a sudden hazard or another driver’s aggressive behavior.

Failure to Stop at an Intersection

If you’ve been ticketed for failing to stop at an intersection, there are ways to fight it. You might be able to get the ticket dropped or changed to a non-moving infraction with no negligent operator treatment system points, depending on the situation’s specifics.

According to New York traffic regulations, all vehicles must come to a complete stop before crossing a stop line, a pedestrian crosswalk, or an intersection. If there is no option to get out of the penalty, failing to do so might result in a steep punishment.

Failing to stop at a four-way stop or other intersections not controlled by signs is another common violation. Drivers who fail to stop may collide with vehicles that have the right-of-way.