Benefits of Hiring a Tax Attorney

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Like many taxpayers, you may find the IRS and any dispute with this governmental agency stressful, frustrating and intimidating, not to mention time-consuming. Whether you are in the middle of a tax dispute or you just want advice to reduce your taxes legally, you may be searching for a tax attorney. These are some benefits you will experience if you hire the right lawyer.

Filing Tax Paperwork

Did you know that your tax lawyer Washington DC will actually fill out and file your tax returns? In addition, if you have already filed but found out new information that may save you money, your attorney can file amendments. Late returns, extensions and other paperwork may also be filed by your representative. The great thing is that no matter what paperwork needs to be filed, you have someone who knows the system and can accurately file this paperwork on time.

Understand the Tax Code

Tax attorneys specialize in tax law, so they know the tax code, which is more than 1700 pages long. In addition, hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of changes are made to the tax code each year. The average person would have a very difficult time learning the code itself, much less keeping up with these changes. If you have a reputable tax attorney, you don’t have to know these laws. These professionals know how to research and adapt these tax laws, ensuring that they are applied fairly and accurately in your case.

Protection Against Intimidation

Although most agents are professional and respectful, some agents may use threats and lies to get your tax payments. This is against the law, but these rogue agents may be motivated by a number of reasons, including bonuses or prospective promotions, but their actions are wrong. If you arrive at your appointment with a lawyer or direct your IRS agent to speak with your attorney, you are not likely to encounter these threats. Instead, the lawyer protects your rights and ensures that you are not bullied into anything.

Don’t wait until you have a tax problem or are being audited to experience the benefits of working with a tax attorney.