How a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Can Help You Obtain Benefits

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A work-related injury can leave you out of work and without income to pay your bills unless you receive workers’ compensation benefits. If you struggle to receive benefits for the following reasons, an Iowa workers compensation attorney can help.

Your Employer Refuses To File a Claim

When you sustain a workplace injury, you must report it immediately to your employer, who is obligated to file a claim with the insurer that provides workers’ compensation coverage for your company. Employers who delay or refuse to initiate claims are attempting to avoid increasing their insurance premiums, but they also prevent you from getting the financial benefits you deserve. Workers’ compensation lawyers can reverse complications caused by employers who do not file their employees’ injury claims promptly.

The Insurance Company Rejects Your Claim

Insurance providers reject claims for various reasons including, filing delays, insufficient medical evidence supporting an injury, lack of witnesses’ testimony, or evidence indicating an injury may be due to a pre-existing condition. A lawyer can intervene on your behalf to appeal an insurer’s rejection of a workers’ compensation claim.

You Cannot Obtain Treatment

A workers’ compensation insurance policy must pay for the entirety of your medical treatment following a work-related injury. Insurers frequently deny coverage for costly or ongoing treatments that employees’ doctors recommend when workers’ compensation doctors offer contradictory opinions. A lawyer can fight for you to receive the full extent of medical care you need to ensure your recovery.

Your Employer Refuses To Accommodate Your Injury

Your doctor may clear you to return to work but may recommend that you undertake a less physically demanding role temporarily or permanently. If your employer refuses to accommodate you or terminates you following your injury, you can work with a workers’ compensation lawyer who will help you fight this decision.

Workers’ compensation insurance can protect your financial interests after you sustain an injury at work. A knowledgeable lawyer can intervene on your behalf when you have difficulty obtaining the benefits you need to recover.