How Migrant Workers Overcome the Biggest Challenges of Living in the U.S.

Plenty of people from all over the globe aspire to live the American dream. Settling in the United States with a stable job, your family with you, protected and cared for by a country driven by its vision and purpose, which is to provide a better nation for you.

However, it’s no secret that every dream we have will also invite lots of challenges. In living the American dream, we tried to look for the most common challenges faced by migrant workers in the US today and how you can overcome them.

Most Common Problems

Because migrant workers live in a country that is not native to them, they often have to adjust to this foreign nation’s culture and environment while still trying to get a good grasp on their own race. To prepare you for this, here are some problems that you might face along the way.

Language Barrier

Communication is an essential part of our daily lives, and that can be a problem for migrant workers because their native tongue is different from that spoken in a foreign country. While there are many languages spoken in the United States, the most common one is definitely English. Learning at least one or two of these languages will significantly help in adjusting to this country.


The next huge problem is finding work. While other migrant workers already have a secured job in the US before leaving their own country, others take the gamble and just try to find one as soon as they arrive. The problem with that is lots of companies and employers prioritize local workers. Acquiring a green card, which is basically a document that states you’re an official resident of the country, is essential in working permanently in the US.


Aside from the job, another thing that migrant works need to secure as soon as they arrive in the United States is shelter. This can be extremely difficult, especially if they don’t have enough knowledge about the United States’ housing market. Researching in advance before moving to the country is vital. However, if you failed to do so, you can ask for help or assistance from other migrant workers who probably have experienced the same challenges as you.

Lack of Benefits

Some migrant workers are able to secure a job in the United States. Be that as it may, there are sometimes paid off the books, which means they don’t get to receive lots of government-mandated benefits such as pension or insurance plans. Earning money is one thing, but not being able to secure your future can be challenging. Filing for a green card is still the best solution for this problem.

Cultural Differences

While this next challenge is not something you can solve on your own like the previous ones we’ve mentioned, cultural difference is a really overwhelming concern for migrant workers. Job, housing, and access to transportation are things you can research or find solutions for, but the cultural difference is something that you might need to accept. Finding a group that shares the same beliefs as you is important in learning to live in harmony with the vast majority of the locals.

Social Danger

Another major issue that you might face in being a migrant worker is social danger. Unfortunately, racism and prejudice are still prominent in certain areas of the United States. Being of different ethnicities or races other than American is grounds for insensitive people to be hostile to migrants. On the good side of the spectrum are civil rights groups and even politicians or lawmakers that aim to combat this global issue. Understanding your rights and knowing that people support you is beneficial.


Some migrant workers who moved to the United States on their own have faced isolation. Being different is already difficult on its own, but the added concern of missing the support and care of your friends and family back home is another contributor to the loneliness you might feel. Extending your social circle and looking for people who are also trying to make it on their own in this foreign country is very important. Checking up on your friends and family through the internet will also be helpful.

Settling in a foreign country may not be as easy as it sounds. Plenty of people think that the only problem you’d have is getting away or leaving your native place, but it simply doesn’t end there. Adapting to a whole new environment will present itself with lots of different hurdles and challenges, but overcoming them is an opportunity for you to learn. At the end of the day, those who hold tight onto their dreams are those who often succeed.