How To Get Custody of Your Kids

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If you have children and you are going through a divorce, fighting for custody may be foremost on your mind. Visualizing a life without the noise, chatter, and clutter of your little ones is unimaginable, so you need to do everything you can to show the judge you are capable. Here are some helpful hints you can use to get custody of your kids.

1. Follow Instructions

If you have already met with the judge and received preliminary instructions, follow them closely. Whether the court ordered you to gather paperwork, attend court ordered anger management classes, or get witness statements, do it right away.

2. Become Dependable

Your children need you in their lives, but they also need your money. Just because you have more expenses because of your new housing arrangements, it doesn’t mean your children don’t require the same standard of living they had when you and your ex-spouse were together. Be dependable in your monetary contributions, and even give a little extra when possible.

3. Visit Often

Visit with your children as often as possible. Help them with homework, participate in life activities, and arrange for weekend adventures with the little ones. To help the court understand your efforts, keep a log of the time you spend with your children and the activities you participated in with them.

4. Live Big

You cannot live in a one-bedroom apartment and expect the judge to grant you custody of your children. If you are serious, get an area with a sleeping room for each child and allow a play or study area. Yes, it may be a big expense, but the judge will appreciate that you are prepared with ample living space.

You can work to get custody of your children by using the four hints listed above. Listen to court instruction, be dependable, and visit your children often. The judge will notice your efforts.