How To Tank Your Workers’ Comp Claim

Injuries that occur on the job are eligible to be paid for by the company through workers’ compensation insurance. Qualifying illnesses or injuries can result in the insurance company paying for medical expenses, your lost wages and rehab services that you may need. However, the insurance company will not be generous with their payments, potentially giving you no choice but to hire an Iowa workers compensation lawyer. Even with legal, you can sabotage your claim through one of the following actions.

Mistake 1: Not Reporting the Accident or Injury

You can’t delay reporting your accident to a supervisor. You may not think the injuries are severe, but if problems develop down the road and you never reported the incident, your claim has a higher likelihood of being denied. Fill out reporting forms in their entirety, describing the accident and your injuries in full detail. Legally, you must file a report of the accident within 30 days, though the are a few exceptions.

Mistake 2: Lying on Your Report or to Medical Personnel

You must be very careful to give a detailed but accurate account of the injuries. Even if you don’t intentionally lie or you omit details, it can lead to claims of an inaccurate medical record. The insurance company will use this as a ground to deny paying. Doctors will notice if you are exaggerating, so be truthful when seeking medical attention.

Mistake 3: Abandoning Treatment

Along the lines of a false injury, failing to follow the doctor’s orders for treatment because you feel better may give the insurance company grounds to deny your claim. The insurance company may have its own list of approved physicians, but you can get a second opinion from your own doctor. You can follow your own doctor’s orders if they differ from the initial physician.

These mistakes may cause you to lose out on workers’ comp benefits. This can lead to a lengthy legal process to get what you are eligible for.