Is it Legal to Use a VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a software protection tool that is used to protect your privacy, by encrypting your IP address with a VPN address from your VPN provider. 

There are many advantages of using a VPN but I guess you already know that. If you don’t, you might as well have a look at some of the benefits of using a VPN. 

With internet users growing each day, the internet had become a playground for hackers to steal private information or use the data we put online to commit illegal activities.

To curb this, software companies have developed private network services that are intended to increase security for anyone using their services while they surf the internet. 

The goal is not to offer complete security but to make it harder for hackers or malicious software to meddle with one’s privacy or data. 

Needless to say, it’s not 100% secure as it’s possible to hack into the providers’ servers and steal the same information. This happened with Nord VPN in 2018, where one of the companies’ servers was hacked and the hacker got access to whatever information was in there for a whole month. 

Regardless, we must still appreciate the efforts of these companies to protect our privacy. Because there is a lot that surrounds the use of VPNs, and how easy it might be to manipulate the workings of VPNs, the question of its legality comes in.

Is it legal to use VPNs? This forms the subject matter of this article today. 

Short answer:

The use of a VPN is legal. However, in some locations or countries, it is illegal.

Most countries that have legalized VPN attributes their legality to the fact that there is no direct correlation of use VPN and illegal activities.

However, countries that have banned the use of VPN have linked it to illegal activities or it has been used in the past to commit illegal activities. 

So it’s fair enough to say that the use of VPN is legal. 

At what point does the use of VPN become illegal

As mentioned earlier, the use of VPN is legal but subject to certain regulations. Breaching these will automatically become an illegal activity.

Number one, when you use a VPN to access information that has otherwise been banned in a particular location becomes illegal. When you look at Russia for example, they have not outlawed the use of VPNs, what makes it illegal is if one uses software that is intended to access information blocked from viewing in Russia. 

Number two, when you use VPN to commit illegal activities or activities that would rather amount to an act termed as illegal in the region you are in. 

Thirdly, acting in breach of the terms and conditions of the VPN provider or regulations will lead to illegal activity. This correlates with illegal activities. 

Where can I get a good VPN service? 

VPN providers are scattered everywhere on the internet, advertising their services on different social media platforms.  

However, sometimes it might be hard to be certain whether an advertisement is real or false, and because of this, you have to be careful before buying any VPN service online. 

Therefore, when looking for a VPN service some of the key things that you need to look for must include the company, VPN quality, speed, terms, and policies, etc. 

Checking on the terms and conditions of the VPN service is such an underrated factor when looking for a VPN. You must be keen to ensure your provider provides a “no-log policy” this by itself means that your information is at risk of being sold or used elsewhere. A VPN service should only encrypt your data and not store the information. 

Different VPN providers offer different qualities of VPN. Some enterprises have speed as their top priority, some are after giving better encryption, and for others, location anonymity is what they do best. 

To ensure you get what you want your VPN to be the best at, consider looking at VPN online reviews on By getting the opinion of others about what worked best for them and if it is something they would recommend to another, you’ll be able to make a good decision in that regard. 

Getting a VPN router is another simple way to protect all devices in your home. It will save you the need to install VPN protection apps on all your devices. 

A VPN router can be purchased at any trusted local electronic shop or if you want to shop online, you can have a look at CAFAGO, an online electronic shop that sells VPN routers among other digital devices.