Why You Need to Hire an Attorney to Reclaim Your Assets

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Although some individuals are aware of the unlawful confiscation of their assets, they don’t know who to rely on to help them build a case. They often remain silent due to a fear of contesting federal and state prosecutors and the possible result of incarceration. Whether forfeitures are under criminal or civil law, there are crucial factors you need to consider when obtaining representation to get your property back.

Unconstitutional Seizure

When government officials seize assets without a mandatory warrant, they can be held accountable for violating an individual’s constitutional and statutory rights. However, in some cases, the Fourth Amendment isn’t always effective regarding its intended protection from unreasonable searches and seizures.

An invasion of your privacy is considered justifiable if officials suspect that you’ve obtained your assets through illegal means. Yet, despite having no involvement in criminal activity, you can still face the loss of your valuable items without a valid reason. Your innocence isn’t a guarantee that you’re exempt from repossession, nor does it mean that the state has to return your property.

Insufficient Evidence

Considering the government can seize your assets as evidence, they have to present concrete proof that you knew of or consented to the illegal use of your property. In such a situation, an asset forfeiture attorney Los Angeles CA can benefit you.

The right legal representative can argue that you don’t know about illegal activities. Also, the essential point is that an attorney is vital regarding filing a claim for your items and working toward presenting your case in court. Although you may be tempted to defend yourself, you most likely don’t possess the skills to produce a sufficient defense.

Knowing your rights is crucial to reclaiming what you own after experiencing the seizure of your assets. Although the process may seem complex and discouraging, you can succeed with a legitimate professional by your side.